Message from the Director

To realize a sustainable society, marked transformations in technology and systems are essential, such as achieving carbon neutrality and a circular economy. Currently, technologies, such as carbon recycling, renewable energy, and new process technologies utilizing hydrogen, are under research and development as advanced science and technology. They need to be quantitatively evaluated at the development stage for their overall life cycle effects when implemented in future societies to clarify the required performance and specifications.

Against this backdrop, we have established the “UTokyo LCA Center for Future Strategy (UTLCA)” to evolve the existing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) into pre-emptive LCA that contributes to designing future societies. Our goal is to establish a new discipline that transcends existing academic frameworks, spanning the entire university’s domains, encompassing legislation and economic systems, human behavior, and other aspects to give significance to multifaceted assessment results along the timeline toward the future.

We aim to create the academic principles of pre-emptive LCA that contribute to formulating of future strategies. Taking the lead in global technological development and institutional formation towards 2050, we will gather knowledge within The University of Tokyo, collaborate with researchers worldwide, and advance cutting-edge research, education, and recommendations for scientific and technological strategies for the future.

Masakazu Sugiyama
Director, UTokyo LCA Center for Future Strategy (UTLCA)