Industry-Academia Collaboration: Pre-emptive LCA Social Cooperation Research Department

Establishment and Implementation of Pre-emptive LCA with Participating Companies

We aim to establish the academic principles of pre-emptive LCA to strategically build a sustainable society in the future, solidifying collaboration with industries and policy-making organizations. Through the practical application of pre-emptive LCA of advanced science and technology fairly and with high reliability, we provide evidence-based societal implementation strategies and standardized methods and guidelines for policy formulation. We conduct these activities in collaboration with ongoing commissioned research within UTLCA.

Moreover, through these initiatives, we promote the development of individuals with a lifecycle thinking mindset, fostering talent capable of implementing methods in society. We aim to contribute to the achievement of SDGs through the talent development and dissemination of methodologies.

Research Areas and Challenges

1.Establishment of Academic Principles and Common Methods for Pre-emptive LCA

2.Development of LCA talented Individuals

3.Information Exchange among Participants

4.Application and Verification in Real Cases

5.Proposal of Industrial Policies