What is the idea behind the UTLCA logo?

The silhouette of the logo represents a recycling-oriented society realized by Pre-emptive LCA

The silhouette of the symbol mark consists of an “infinity loop” that represents the construction of a recycling-oriented society. The dots represent various issues on the earth, and the issues are led to a “line” of solutions.

The yellow in the left circle symbolizes hope and the future, and the emerald green on the right represents the earth. The triangle represents regeneration (PLAY), symbolizing the start of a recycling-oriented society. It is an image of a loop circulating on a cosmic scale.

Three colors that aim for a green future through a new concentration of intelligence

1.Dark blue: symbolizes intelligence, calmness, rationality, and reasonable.

2.Emerald green: signifying “nature,” “ecology,” and “new beginnings,” and expressing “regeneration” and “health”

3.Lemon yellow: evokes images of the future, hope, etc.